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12/08/03 Ritalin Use in Childhood May Increase Depression, Decrease Cocaine Sensitivity in Adults
11/08/03 Adolescent Stress Can Change Brain During Adulthood
09/30/03 National Depression Screening Day October 9, 2003
08/04/03 Better Methods Needed for Community Screening for Alzheimer's Disease
08/01/03 Study Suggests New Cause for Alzheimer's Disease
05/30/03 McLean Hospital Receives $2.5-Million to Open New England's Only Comprehensive Program Dedicated to Treating Eating Disorders in Teens and Young Women
05/17/03 New Program Offers Hope for Borderline Personalities
05/17/03 Eastman Kodak Donates Patents to McLean Hospital for Development of ADHD Screening Test
04/01/03 Study Finds Link Between Early Pot Use and Lasting Cognitive Deficits - But Is Pot Itself the Culprit?
03/31/03 Unique Experimental Drug Shows Antidepressant Effects
03/05/03 Study is First to Show Cocaine Compromises Immune Response and May Increase Risk of Infection
02/10/03 Common Gene Could Link Multiple Psychiatric and Medical Disorders
01/23/03 Repligen Announces Initiation of Clinical Trial of Uridine
01/17/03 McLean Psychologist Recognized for Excellence in Research, Mentoring
01/01/03 Study Suggests Depressed Men May Benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy