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11/17/05 Brain Protein May Play Role in Innate and Learned Fear
11/04/05 Study Finds No Psychological or Cognitive Deficits among Native Americans Who Use Peyote Regularly in Religious Settings
11/01/05 McLean Hospital Opens Fitness Center for Patients
10/26/05 McLean Hospital to Offer Free Memory Screenings (Nov 15)
10/18/05 eBay CEO headlines McLean Hospital Gala
10/11/05 McLean Study Identifies New Area of Brain Linked to Drug Addiction
09/28/05 Free Depression Screenings Oct 6
08/22/05 Neural Abnormalities are Same in Animal Model and Postmortem Schizophrenia Brains
07/11/05 McLean Hospital ranked top psychiatric hospital in country
06/17/05 McLean Completes Land Transfer to Belmont
06/06/05 McLean Hospital Land Transfer Paves Way for New Belmont Cemetery
05/16/05 Chinese Herb Significantly Reduces Alcohol Intake, Study Finds
05/05/05 Clinical study results in Parkinson's patients may lead to development of future cell transplantation methods
03/22/05 Free Alcohol Screenings April 7
03/10/05 McLean Hospital Completes Sale of Land for First Phase of Development Plan
02/10/05 Food Ingredients May Be as Effective as Antidepressants
02/04/05 Active Participation at 12-Step Meetings Reduces Cocaine Use
02/01/05 Study Finds Striking Difference in Male Body Image in East vs. West